Tenax Cera Fluida Product

Tenax Cera Fluida

Tenax Cera Fluida is a clear liquid wax that is used to intensify and restore the polished effect on stones, granite, marble, and other similar materials. You can achieve a glossy effect on stones using Tenax Cera Fluida. Besides this, the product is also suitable for use on rough and brushed surfaces for a semi-matte finish. This liquid wax has a quick drying time that makes it a highly efficient product to get a glossy-looking stone material. It is also suitable for use in cold conditions as it has a fast drying time. The film created by using Tenax Cera Fluida is very hard and shows good resistance to external conditions.

How does Tenax Cera Fluida Work on the Material?
Tenax Cera Fluida enters the micro-porosities of the material due to its high penetration feature. This clear wax is mixed in solvent to create a polished and long-lasting effect on the material. An automatic waxing machine can be used for using this product. The mere application of Tenax Cera Fluida takes the glossiness of the material to a higher level.

Packaging Units- 1 L

Packaging Type- Liquid

Colours- White Yellow

    Features and Advantages

    • It is a highly concentrated liquid wax
    • Increases the gloss effect of the material
    • It has an excellent response to outdoor conditions
    • It gives coverage of 20-30 sqm/L
    Tenax Cera Fluida Application

    Application Area

    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Composite
    • Terrazzo

    Things to Consider

    • It is important to apply the product uniformly on the material to get a glossy look.
    • The material should be clean and dry before applying Tenac Cera Fluida.
    • If the material has any residue of water, oil, or dust, it will impact the final look of the material.
    • The product should be applied with the help of a sponge or cloth so that its spreads properly on the material.
    • Use the right quantity of product on the material to avoid any patchy or unfinished look.
    • Give adequate time for the wax to dry on the surface before cleaning the surface with a clean cloth.
    • If the wax is not properly dried, the glossy finish of the material may not be attained.
    • Make sure to remove excess wax from the surface once it is applied to the material to get an immediate finished effect.
    • It is recommended to test the solid wax on a small area before applying it on the entire surface to know the final look.
    • The porosity of the material has a direct impact on the consumption of the product. Highly porous material absorbs more products and vice versa.
    • Make sure to store the product properly and close the tin after usage.
    • Tenax Cera Fluida is economically priced which makes it an affordable product to achieve a glossy finish on the stone.

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    Tenax Cera Fluida


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make my stone shiny again?
    You can make stones shiny using Tenax Cera Fluida. It gives a glossy effect that enhances the stone’s look.
    How can I get the best shine on Marble?
    You can polish the marble by buffing it using buffing machine and Tenax Cera Fluida to give best results.

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