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Tenax Eliox A+B

Tenax Eliox A + B is an epoxy-based transparent mastic used for grouting, filling, and gluing joints of marble, stones, granite, and quartz. It is one of the best epoxy-based thixotropic pastes that is excellent for bonding, filling, and grouting of materials such as granite, stones, and tiles. The product has easy spreadability that enables you to fill marble cracks and joints very effectively. This two-component epoxy-based paste has high gloss and brightness which makes it appear soft and light. The product is suitable for use in outdoor and indoor areas with a minimum yellow appearance.

Packaging Units- Part A - 1.5 KG
Part B - 0.75 KG

Packaging Type- Base & Hardner, Knife Grade

Colours- Transparent

    Features and Advantages

    • Tenax Eliox A + B is a very transparent thixotropic paste in which the base and the hardener have similar characteristics.
    • Approved for food contact, non-toxic to long term usage of marbles with LOW VOC content.
    • It has easy spreadability that ensures the proper application of the product on the material.
    • The product has a very mild odour.
    • The product is non-toxic for human health.
    • Color tinting can be done to match with stone color
    • It is suitable for grouting, filling, and bonding work on outdoor and indoor surfaces.
    Tenax Eliox A+B Application

    Application Area

    • Surface: Marble, Stone, Granite, Quartz, and Ceramics.
    • Application: It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with low yellowing.

    Things to Consider

    • It is important to store the glue and hardener in the original tins.
    • Take out the mentioned quantity of components A and B and mix them properly before application on the material.
    • Make sure that the marble surface is completely dry and clean before getting treated.
    • Mixing ratio is Part A (Resin) 2 parts and Part B (Hardener) 1 part.
    • Avoid contact with metal on the automatic dosing pump which may rust.
    • Follow all the safety guidelines while using the product.
    • Close the containers after using the product and avoid long air exposer. This helps in maintaining the shelf-life of the product.
    • It has 15-20min Gel time.
    • Working on Application area can be done 24 hours after application.

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    Tenax Eliox A+B


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you fill cracks in marble tile?
    Roff offers a wide range of products suitable for filling cracks and gaps on the marble surface. Tenax Eliox A + B is an epoxy-based clear mastic that is one of the best products for grouting, bonding, and filling cracks and joints on the marble surface.
    Can epoxy be used on marble?
    Yes, epoxy can be used on marble for gluing, filling, and finishing.
    Can Eliox be used to bond marble to marble?
    Yes, you can use Tenax Eliox A + B for bonding marble to marble. It is easy to spread and comes in two parts: base and hardener.
    What is the best epoxy for marble?
    Tenax Eliox A + B is one of the best epoxies for marble for gluing and filling the gaps. Roff also offers Tenax Epoxy Coating System that is used for strengthening and stone finishing.

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