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Elevate your projects in Ghaziabad with Roff. As a premier tile adhesive brand, Roff's has its presence in Leading tiles and adhesive dealers in Ghaziabad who cater to your project requirements. Our range includes premium tile & stone adhesives, tile grouts and cleaners, stone care solutions, and application tools, adhering to global standards. Being one of the leading tile adhesive suppliers in Ghaziabad, we help you shape the city’s skyline with confidence. With a 9000+ strong dealer network across INDIA, you can easily search for Roff dealers near me or Roff tile adhesive dealers near me to locate the nearest outlet.

Ashoka Tiles
27 A Kalkagarhi
Agarwal Paint And H/w Lohiya
M. C. & Company
Shree Ganesh Tile House
opp rk banquet hall
Utkal Trading Company
Marinara Chowk
Radhe Krishna Paint
Maya Tiles And Sanitary
Kalka gadi Chowk
Samrat Hardware And Paint Store
Sam India
18 Naveen Park
Mittal Tiles & Sanitary
IIF 99 Nehru Nagar
New Aggarwal Trading Co.
Amba Marbles
2nd F 94 Nehru nagar ghaziabad
Gupta Enterprises
C 164 Sector 23
Ambey Traders
38 New Kalkagarhi Nehru Nagar
Avadh & Sons
Deepak Marbles
11 Naveen Park Sahibabad
Waterman Pipes Pvt Ltd
Shree Prabhu Marvel
gas services
Elegance Bath Decor
2nd F/97-A
Agarwal Tiles And Sanitary
vishnu enclave near tvs show
R K Marble
III M 29 Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad
M.a.c. Power Tools
Modern Sanitary

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    Our Products

    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) is a polymer-modified, grey cement-based tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles such as ceramic and new floor tiles.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) is suitable for fixing natural stones, clay, terracotta, and vitrified tiles of regular size on floor and wall.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Vitrofix Adhesive is perfect for all kinds of ceramic, vitrified and natural stone tiles of all sizes for internal application – floor and wall.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Extrofix Adhesive is primarily used for external cladding all types of tiles, ceramics, marble, and natural stones on external and internal surfaces.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Extrofix Ultra Adhesive is a high-tensile strength adhesive, suitable for exterior areas that are prone to vibrations.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Master Fix Adhesive is ideal to fix a variety of surfaces such as metal, plywood, cement boards, engineered stones, and drywall.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Vertifix is a quick-fix adhesive, ideal when you want quick and strong efficient yet long-lasting spot-bonding of tiles and stones.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Tile Bonder is a polymer additive that is added to the traditional system of sand and cement machaan mixture to make an instant adhesive at the site.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Anti-Efflorescence is a water-based pre-laying back sealer for stones and grouts.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Mastic is a general mastic that is used for grouting and bonding the joints and gaps between marble, onyx, and many stones.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Thassos is a clear mastic suitable for grouting and bonding between white marble joints and similar stones such as Thassos and Carrara.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Resina-T8 is a clear resin liquid that has low viscosity and is used as a marble and stone crack repair filler.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Eliox is an epoxy-based clear mastic for grouting and repairing cracks and gaps between marble, stone, granite, quartz, and ceramics.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Epoxy Coating System is used to protect, strengthen and finish the stone surfaces.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Ager is a colour-enhancing sealer that is used to achieve a wet look on stones.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Proseal is a waterproof high-performance sealer that is used on quartz, marble, granite, and composite materials to retain their natural look.
    Stone Care Range
    Tenax Cera Fluida is a premium liquid wax polish that is applied to various kinds of stones to achieve a glossy effect.
    Tile Joint Fillers
    Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy Grout is a water-resistant, stain-free, crack-free, and chemical-resistant epoxy tile joint filler.
    Tile Joint Fillers
    Roff Sparkles is an admixture for epoxy tile grout that is designed to get a sparkling effect and enhance the beauty of tile joints.
    Tile Joint Fillers
    Roff Rainbow Tile Mate is a cement-based tile joint filler with water-resistant properties and specially designed for grouting surfaces.
    Tile Joint Fillers
    Roff Tile Mate Wide Additive is a cement-based tile grout to enhance its performance and durability.
    Under Tile Waterproofing
    Roff Hyguard Ex is a polymer-modified water-proof flexible coating for the under-tile area.
    Under Tile Waterproofing
    Roff Bond Repair is a SBR-based latex, a multi-purpose product that is used for bonding, waterproofing, and repairing applications on under-tile surfaces.
    Tile and Stone Cleaners
    Roff Cera Clean is a high-quality tile cleaner liquid that takes rapid action to remove stains and maintain the natural shine of tiles.
    Tile and Stone Cleaners
    Tenax Brio Top is an alcohol-based high-performance ready-to-use stone cleaner for quick and easy cleaning of marble, granite, and engineered stone.
    Application Tools
    Tile adhesive trowel is used for laying tiles by evenly spreading the glue on the application surface.
    Application Tools
    Rubber mallet is the rubber hammer that is used to level the tile and spread the adhesive evenly below the tile across the surface without damaging/cracking the tile.
    Application Tools
    Roff Spacers are tiny, effective T-shaped spacers that ensure even gaps between the tiles during the fixing process.
    Application Tools
    A Roff Grout Cutter is a tool that is used to remove dirt or any build-up between the tiles before grouting.
    Application Tools
    A Roff Grout Floater is a tool used for grout application between the tiles. It is the easiest way to grout tiles as it is fast, precise, and effective.
    Tile Joint Fillers
    Roff Starlike is the best-in-class epoxy grout for tiles that ensures high performance and is suitable for internal as well as external use.
    Tile and Stone Adhesives
    Roff Vitrofix Ultra Adhesive is a highly polymer-modified adhesive used for tile fixing. This product is one of the best adhesives for ceramic, semi-vitreous, vitrified tiles, and natural stones.